Patent Number 4,422,105

Interactive system and method for the control of video playback devices

Issue Date: December 20, 1983
Inventors: Rodesch; Dale F. (Reno, NV); Cerracchio; Nicholas (Las Vegas, NV)
Assignee: Video Education, Inc. (Reno, NV)
Appl. No.: 192227
Filed: September 30, 1980


The invention provides an interactive system and method for the control of video playback devices such as video tape recorders. The system allows user interaction with a prerecorded program which includes live video displays and alphanumeric displays. The user can select the program desired and also inputs answers to specific questions asked by the program. A standard video playback device is modified by the addition of a small computer and memory circuit, and character display circuitry. The invention operates the video playback device to produce a video output. Prerecorded program information includes data dumps interspersed with video display segments and the data in the data dumps is recovered by a data recovery circuit. The computer then commands the video playback device to access different portions of the recorded video program in response to user input and the operating instructions provided by the data recovered.