Gregory L. Rodesch has been a consultant with Rodesch Associates since its inception. Greg Rodesch brings a high degree of technical knowledge in both electronic and mechanical engineering and received his first patent on a unique ticket dispenser for the lottery industry. He has since added three patents relative to machines for the gaming industry.

Greg is an accomplished programmer in numerous languages, including C, C++, Pascal and Assembly, for a variety of microprocessors. Other activities include proprietary compression and encryption techniques for digital video, and the retrofit and upgrading of CNC and other motion-control machinery.

Earlier, Greg served as project manager on the development of the first scratch-off ticket dispensing machine for Lottery Enterprises, Inc. Other development efforts included stepper-motor slot machine designs for Video Lottery Technology, Inc. of Bozeman, Montana (subsequently acquired by IGT) and for Infinity Group, Inc. of Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well as a video amusement game for Kajioka Enterprises of Honolulu.

He is currently also working in Escondido California at a local aerospace manufacturing facility as the VP of Engineering. His projects have included parts for the Global Hawk, Predator, Predator-B, F-22, F-34, C-5, C-17, A-380, Comanche, Apache, Space Shuttle, A-160 Hummingbird, Agusta helicopter rotors, and the X-47B J-UCAS. Additional consumer products include engineering and honeycomb fabrication for Varial composite surfboards.

He specializes in creating custom manufacturing work cells, and in developing new manufacturing techniques incorporating the use of CNC machines and robotics. He also writes custom software to assist in CAD surface manipulation and other special software to assist in composite parts fabrication.